About Us


Welcome to Iron Will Boxing and Fitness

We are a veteran and minority family owned small business, owned and operated by the Pruitt family in Wahiawa, Hawaii. We train individuals on the basics of boxing and fitness. We sell our sports apparel online and will ship anywhere in the United States. We are also a registered amateur boxing club under USA Boxing and host sanctioned boxing events under them as our national governing body. Feel free to leave us a review.  Your feedback is greatly appreciated.  Thank you for supporting our organization. Mahalo!


Our Passion for Boxing and Fitness

We started our club as a fitness class. We began teaching boxing to a small number of individuals upon request.  We began entering competitions and started winning after a short time. Once we realized the potential of or team and training,  we took it to the next level. Since then, we have vastly improved in fitness, boxing and won championships in competitions while providing a safe environment. Our goal is to help you achieve your goals in boxing and fitness. We also want to keep you clothed and comfortable in our latest athletic clothing, workout gear, and sports apparel. 


Humble Beginnings

No one starts off as the best.  You have to work for it by mastering the basics every day. Meet yourself where you are. My stories and tips might not be for where you are, but you can adapt them to your own journey towards improvement. What challenges you today? Let's face those challenges together as a team. Send me a message about your boxing and fitness goals and we will work together to help you reach your goals. After one month give us feedback by leaving a review.